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ima story: 20 facts about me

Rabu, 22 Februari 2017

20 facts about me

A list of over 20 random facts about me.. Here you go!✌

1. I was born in 1993.
2. I love to play games in my laptop.
3. Rarely watch malay drama.
4. The most favourite tv show TWD and FDWD.
5. I can count the number of friends that I have.
6. I spent most of my times with decorating my planner, journal and diary.
7. Love to collect all kawaii things.
6. I love to collect stickers and never use them.
7. I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively.
8. I would be the most shy people in the planet with the people I never meet and do most stupid things with my friends.
9. I'm food hunter.
10. Dramaqueen.
11. Mood swing every time.
12. I hate taking selfies.
13. I love cakes, ice-cream, and something that are sweet to my tooth.
14. I use to wear braces back then.
15. I still have picture of my crush from high school.
16. I love birthday party.
17. I plan to lose my weight before I graduate.
18. I love diy.
19. I hate sport.
20. And yeah, I love being me.☺

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